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NERVE - Lessons on Demand

Digitalizing classes to offer an individual learning experience.

Our innovative product enriches schools, universities and other educational institutes by starting with their customers: their students.

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Lessons on Demand

Students may know this...

Missing important lessons

Often students are away from their classes temporary because of illness or similar causes. It is hard work to catch up what they didn't learn.

Upcoming tests and exams

Students need material to prepare themselves for important upcoming tests and exams. Classes are often too long ago.

Being unconcentrated

Isn't it true? Several exhausting lessons in a row. Students are often unconcentrated while teachers trying to teach them something important.

Enable students to relive their classes. As often as they want to.

NERVE offers solutions for educational institutes recording lessons as they are and then offering them via a web platform to the students.

Individual studying

In accordance with "Education 4.0" with NERVE students are able to control their study progresses themselves. Each of them gets challenged to gain individual responsibility and may use 100 % of his capacities.

Classroom climate

In different to concepts like "flipped classroom" NERVE offers lessons like they really happened, in context with the class climate, the class teacher and the current teaching material.

Improved study progresses

When offering NERVE as additional service in schools, students can't miss any lessons and may be much more motivated to study.

Enrich your educational institute.

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